Maksymilian Kapelański began translating and editing academic papers in the late 90s while studying musicology at the graduate level. A dual citizen of Canada and Poland fluent in both Polish and English, his services were quickly in demand at his home Institute of Musicology at the University of Warsaw, and soon in other centres of culture and learning. 

His clients included the professorial faculty of the Institute of Musicology of the University of Warsaw, the editorial board of the musicological quarterly Muzyka, published by the Institute of Art at the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, and The Fryderyk Chopin Institute. After completing his studies and returning to Canada, Maksymilian Kapelański maintained those relations, also working for the University of Wrocław, Adam Mickiewicz University, Academy of Music in Cracow, Wrocław Philharmonic (current name: National Forum of Music), and Witold Lutosławski Society. 

The target languages of his translations are both Polish and English, while the scope of the translated works range from mediaeval to twenty-first-century music, and comprise a rich variety of subject areas, such as music history, theory and analysis, source studies, Chopin studies, computer music, sonology, soundscape studies,   anthropology of music, as well as critical and biographical studies. Maksymilian Kapelański’s translation and editing work has been published by academic publishers in Poland, Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States in academic journals and collections, and has been given in conference presentations in Poland and other Central European countries, the United States, Tel Aviv, and Japan.

Maksymilian Kapelański’s major, internationally recognized achievements are six English co-translations of books, including two works by Prof. Maciej Gołąb: Józef Koffler: Style and Documents (University of Southern California Press) and Twelve Studies in Chopin (Peter Lang Edition), as well as The Songs of Karol Szymanowski and his Contemporaries (University of Southern California) and The Power of the Image. Emotion, Expression, Explanation by various authors (Peter Lang Edition).

A smaller, but still considerable portion of his translational work comprises music popularization materials such as contemporary music discussions for readers on music, concert audiences, and record listeners possessing a general knowledge of music. Such work was published by institutions and companies maintaining a close contact with the public, and includes program booklets for several festivals (Witold Lutosławski 'Chain' Festival, Musica Polonica Nova and Musica Electronica Nova), selected discussions by Andrzej Chłopecki for the Witold Lutosławski Society website, liner notes for the label DUX, and website materials for Zych Organ Builders.  

To promote Polish-French-English cultural relations, Maksymilian Kapelański has also undertaken translations for publications such as Witryna Czasopism (Polish Periodicals Website) and Glissando (contemporary music and sound art magazine), and has engaged in translation as well as proofreading work for communities with disabilities.



Tekst polski w przygotowaniu. 


Having studied, lived, and worked while using both English and Polish throughout his life, Maksymilian Kapelański continues to work professionally in two languages and strives to contribute to a fruitful meeting of cultures. His services offer carefully crafted translations from Polish into English, which now include the following fields, both academic and popular in nature:

▪︎ sound studies, soundscape studies, sound art, sound culture
▪︎ musicology
▪︎ music criticism
▪︎ cultural studies
▪︎ cultural analysis
▪︎ disciplines in the arts and humanities
▪︎ other disciplines, as assessed case by case

Translations are also offered in general areas of interest in the following genres:

▪︎ texts for popular publications, presentations, speeches, and other purposes
▪︎ personal and informational material (letters, communiqués, e-mails, reports, etc.)
▪︎ other texts, as assessed case by case

In the case of general translations, the author benefits from the same detailed approach as the one accorded to specialized texts.


Tekst polski w przygotowaniu


A selection of publications translated in full or in part by Maksymilian Kapelański.


Wybrane publikacje przetłumaczone w pełni lub w części przez Maksymiliana Kapelańskiego.


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