The following list includes finished works, works-in-progress, and works in private collections.

Tekst polski w przygotowaniu.




1. Pre-Television. Digital photograph. 2015. Variable size.

2. Omni. Digital photograph. 2015. Variable size.

3. Muffins / Collations. Digital photograph. 2014. Variable size.

4. This Artwork Not Available Digitally. Digital photograph. 2014. Variable size.

5. Trumpet System (2012/2016) Cardboard, printed paper, foamboard, 13'' x 13''. With quotations from Gilbert (1893). Made for Omega.  Private collection in Canada.

6. I May Have Put an Artwork on the Back of This Tree-Trunk. Digital photograph. Variable size. 2012.

7. Child With Piece of String. Mixed media. Size: 9’’ x 14’’ x 10’’. 2012/work-in-progress.

8. The 'Like' Button Illustrations. Quotations of Anonymous: A Place to Live (1963). Print on cardboard. Size: six art cards, each 2 1/2’’ x 3 1/2’’. 2012.

9. A Wink to Thieving Lawrence. Mixed media. Size: 6 1/8’’ x 8 1/8’’ x 3 1/2. 2012/work-in-progress.

10. Montreal Tourist and Citizen Rescue Art Cards. Nos. 1—12Print on paper. Size: circa 2 1/2’’ x 3 1/2’’. 2012. No. 1 in private collection in Canada.

11. Uncanny Art Object No. 1/2. Mixed media. Size: 2 1/2’’ x 3 1/2’’. 2012/work-in-progress.

12. The Price of Myths. Mixed media. Size: unlimited series in various sizes from 2 1/2’’ x 3 1/2’’ to 5 13/16’’ x 9 1/4’’. 2012—series-in-progress. Two works in private collections in Canada.

13. Anxiety in Fur (Uncanny Art Object No. 1). Mixed media. Size: 2 1/2’’ x 3 1/2’’. 2012/2014. Private collection in France.

14. When the Atom Bomb Strikes. Ink on paper. Size: 6 3/8’’ x 9 7/16’’. 2011/work-in-progress.

15. “Ce que nous appelons ‘je’ n’est qu’une porte battante” (Shunryu Suzuki). Wood, title and price concept. Size: 5 1/16’’ x 9’’. Circa 2007-2011, 2014/work-in-progress.

16. The Character Tablet (For a Hospitalized Woman). Paper pulp. 2002. Size unavailable. Private collection in Canada.

17. ______. (Five pieces of handmade paper for use in Canadian artist Adrian Williams' works.) Paper pulp. 2002. Size unavailable. Private collection in Germany.

18. The Question of Love. Ink on paper, 6'' x 6''. 2001/work-in-progress.

19. The Question of Tao. Ink on paper,  10'' x 3''. 2001/work-in-progress. 

20. Untitled. Paper board and acrylic paint. Size unavailable. 2001. Private collection in Cuba.

21. Original Communion (pour Véronique). Paper pulp. 2001. Original size unknown. Extant in fragments.

22. The Heisenberg Transfiguration. Performance. 2001. Performed at The New Clark Gallery Box, curated by the artist in Montreal.

23. Occupation: True Revolutionary! a./Mixed media. 2000. Height circa 4'. b./Performance (slow-motion destruction). 2002.

24. E. Ink on paper and board. 2000. Circa 3'4'' x 2'6''. Destroyed in slow motion as part of project.



1. Clapping Music Steve Reich. Performed with Agnieszka Brańska. Concert of 3rd-Year Institute of Musicology Students, University of Warsaw. 1997. Fryderyk Chopin State Music School Concert Hall, Warsaw.



1. Mr. Rupinfort and the Descent of Anna. A puppet spectacle by Randall Lawrence and poetry reading by Larry Whitaker. 2001. The New Clark Gallery Box in Montreal. 

2. Sound Night. Sound-art performances by Paul Williams, Maksymilian Kapelański, Randall Lawrence and Larry Whittaker. 2001. The New Clark Gallery Box in Montreal.

3. Coffee-Pot Steamship. A slide show of visual creativity2000. The New Clark Gallery Box in Montreal. □ Paul Williams: Rotten Shag and Static TV □ Adrian Williams: [unarchived title] □ Sarah McKiel: The Last Portraits of Sarah Tracz □ Randall Lawrence: Work □ Maksymilian Kapelanski: This is Non-Art □ Paul Zacharias: A Good Mother Loves Her Evil Child.