Anxiety in Fur (Uncanny Art Object No. 1) (2012/2014) Mixed media, 2 1/2'' x 3 1/2''. Private collection in France.


Trumpet System (2012/2016) Cardboard, paper, foamboard, 13'' x 13''. With quotations from Gilbert (1893). Made for Omega Private collection in Canada.

The press about Omega, presenter of Maksymilian Kapelański's Trumpet System in the hacktist diversion of Kim Dotcom's vanity domain: "In an initial Tweet from an account created just four hours ago, Omega quote the words of German philosopher Max Stirner from his piece Art and Religion. 'Art is the beginning, the Alpha of religion, but it is also its end, its Omega,' they write. […] ‘We’re pure in a diogenist way, we’re the true pirates, the true anarchists […], the nobodies, the artists'". In: " Hackers: We're Real Pirates & We'll Sell Dotcom's Domain to Universal" (Torrentfreak, November 7, 2012).



Montreal Tourist and Citizen Rescue Art Cards (2012) Paper pulp, printed paper, 2 1/2'' x 3 1/2'' each. Card not pictured in private collection in Canada. ☛ Read text.


The 'Like' Button Illustrations (2012) Quotations of Anonymous: A Place to Live (1963). Print on cardboard, 2 1/2'' x 3 1/2'' each. ☛ Read text.







Occupation: True Revolutionary! (2000) Mixed media. Circa 1'8'' x 1'8'' x 3'3''. Destroyed in slow motion as part of project.








Omni (2015) Digital photograph. Variable size.













Pre-Television (2015) Digital photograph, variable size.

Muffins / Collations © 2014 Maksymilian Kapelanski

Muffins / Collations (2014) Digital photograph, variable size.




I May Have Put an Artwork on the Back of this Tree-Trunk (2012) Digital photograph, variable size. ☛ Read text.







This Artwork Not Available Digitally (2014) Digital photograph, variable size.




The Question of Tao (2001) Ink on paper,  10'' x 3''. 


The Question of Love (2001). Ink on paper, 6'' x 6''.

The Question of Love © 2001 Maksymilian Kapelański

The Price of Myths (2012) Unlimited series. From left: Large 5 13/16'' x 9 1/8" (private collection in Canada), medium 5'' x 7' (private collection in Canada), small 2 1/2'' x 3 1/2''. ☛ Read text.




Mr. Rupinfort and the Descent of Anna (2001)

Randall Lawrence's poster for his puppet spectacle curated by Kapelański in Montreal


Coffee-Pot Steamship (2000)

Kapelański's poster for a Canadian artists' slide show he curated in Montreal























r! (2002)

Kapelański's mini-poster for his magazine project


Untitled. Anonymous artist (2010) edited by Kapelański (2016). Digital photograph, variable size.

Originals and reproductions available  ☛ artwork ▪︎ poster ▪︎ picture ▪︎ postcard ▪︎ art card ▪︎ postage stamp